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Provide yourself or your school with a Quality Mark and get the best jobs, student referrals and ensure that you stand out as the world starts to open up again. The Advanced TEFL Teacher Program combines highest quality teacher training with inspiring lesson content to ensure excellence and a better future for everyone.

TEFL Courses

The Advanced TEFL Teacher Program is an 8 week self-study online course for existing TEFL Teachers that will help schools:

Add a Quality Mark to your school

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence to prospective students and staff.

Attract and keep the best teachers

Reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs

Get the best student referrals and attract new business

Increased student satisfaction and reviews 

Train your staff and add value

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Are you ready to take your academy, school or teaching to the next level?

The Advanced TEFL Teacher Program.  

Outstanding teachers, making a better world.

Did you know that our Advanced TEFL course provides the highest quality teacher training, at a fraction of the cost?

Advanced TEFL Program

A comprehensive teacher training programme such as the prestigious Cambridge Diploma (DELTA) including tuition fees and expenses can cost easily up to 5000€. This is often beyond reach for many teachers and even if you do gain the qualification it can take years for you to figure out the practical implementation of the theory. 

The Advanced TEFL Teacher Program is packed with tried and tested teaching tips, ideas, techniques and lesson plans which will help you to fast-track your own professional development - at a fraction of the cost.

Plus you will be getting first-hand expert guidance from a graduate with 15 years of post DELTA experience. But more than anything, you will experience a new type of teaching,  facilitating truly meaningful lessons that will enrich both your students' English and their lives beyond the classroom. And that is priceless.

"The Program has been life-changing for me."

"The Program has made me a much better teacher by giving me ideas and insights into things I would never have thought of myself. Having the chance to observe real-life classroom teaching has brought me great peace. It showed me that I am on the right track. The training is reassuring and original and has made such a difference to me, not only as a teacher but also on a personal level. Thank you for finally giving us teachers what we need.'"

Laura Pearson, EFL Teacher, Italy

The Advanced TEFL Teacher Program will help teachers to...

TEFL Courses
  • Compete for the best jobs
  • Simplify your planning & life
  • Open up new career options
  • Create your own high-value courses
  • Gain DELTA-level teaching skills
  • Increase student engagement
  • Make an even bigger difference
  • Keep your TEFL fire burning
TEFL Training

"I have worked with hundreds of teachers and many trainers over the years, but Richard is one of the very best. I totally endorse this Program and encourage you to sign up to really get the best out of your teaching."

Lewis Richards,

Director of Studies, LSI Portsmouth, UK #1 Language School

What teachers say about training with Richard.....

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Meet the Course Creator...

TEFL Courses

Richard Brown

"The development you deserve - to be the teacher the world needs now."

Hi, I´m Richard Brown, and I know first hand how overwhelming it can be when you are in at the deep end, not developing professionally or teaching English ´for no apparent reason´.

What if I told you there was a way of teaching English that could transform your teaching life by simplifying your approach and making your sessions more fun, engaging and effective?

Picture a teaching life that is simple, meaningful and fulfilling, and one that’s going to help you stand out in a fiercely competitive market of employers, teachers and students.

The Advanced TEFL Teacher Program will give you newfound confidence, passion and purpose by enhancing and elevating your teaching skills with practical, DELTA-level insights and ideas - whether fresh off your initial TEFL training or stuck in a TEFL rut.

Plus you will be making an even bigger difference in the lives of your students - one that goes beyond language.

Be the best teacher you can be – for yourself, for your students and for humanity.

Richard Brown, Teacher Training

Ready to transform your TEFL Teaching?

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