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The best-kept secret that will transform your TEFL Teaching - and change your students' lives.

My instant-access courses will give you newfound confidence, passion and purpose by enhancing and elevating your teaching skills with practical, DELTA-level insights and ideas - whether fresh off your TEFL training, stuck in a TEFL rut or looking for further progression. Gain the DELTA-level principles to maximise student engagement, simplify your planning and add value to your courses.

Become an outstanding English teacher, change the lives of your students and open up new possibilities in your career.

Your Journey to Outstanding Teaching with Confidence Starts Here

Powerful Planning: Breakthrough Course

TEFL teacher training
TEFL teacher training
TEFL teacher training

Transform your teaching in just 30 Days!

Why choose this course?

Transform your teaching in just 30 days!

This game-changing BREAKTHROUGH course will help you acquire the tools to easily create your own highly-engaging task-based lessons and courses and free you and your students from traditional grammar-led teaching. Perfect for new or experienced teachers.

Make effective lesson planning quick and easy with the transformative Keynote Webinar and suite of methodology videos delivered by DELTA-qualified course creator Richard Brown.

Then try out the DELTA-level sample plans and enjoy a newfound connection with your students as you guide them to greater confidence in English and more fulfilling lives beyond the classroom. Each unique and inspiring sample lesson plan centers on an area of personal growth or self-discovery and is designed so it can be taught at any level from A2 upwards with minimal modification. 

Teach and plan with total confidence, knowing that your plans are underpinned by a methodology which maximises engagement, student freedom and opportunities to learn. 

What is included in the course?

All of this is included in your Powerful Planning: Breakthrough Course 

  • 45-minute Keynote Webinar with Richard on effective task-based lesson planning.
  • 7 key methodology videos explaining the principles of task-based teaching, the lexical approach, your new teaching role and what it means to focus on meaning over form. (over an hour of video content)
  • 5 DELTA-level sample lesson plans you can use across levels A2-C2 with minimal modification - saving you valuable planning time for years to come.
  • Lesson planning template.
  • CPD notes sheet.

SNEAK PREVIEW 👀            5 Lessons for Positive Change + Webinar + Methodology Videos

5 Powerful DELTA-level sample plans each promoting a different aspect of personal growth (click to enlarge)

TEFL Courses
TEFL Courses
TEFL Courses
TEFL Courses
TEFL Courses

Sneak preview of Keynote Webinar

Sneak preview of 1 of 7 methodology videos

Powerful Planning: Advanced Course

TEFL Teacher Training
TEFL Courses
TEFL teacher training
TEFL teacher training

Five Simple Steps to take your TEFL teaching to the Next Level.

Why choose this course?

Level up your teaching in just 30 days!

Build confidence and add even more value to your classes with this inspiring course. Discover the 3 Secrets to truly effective teaching in the Keynote Webinar. Then get a deeper understanding of the ´why´ behind truly communicative teaching through full guided video commentary on each of the 3 DELTA-level sample lesson plans included. 

Commentaries are packed with high-level teaching tips and ideas from course creator Richard Brown - backed by 15 years of experience and insights gained from observing 100s of teachers. 

An explicit and detailed understanding of the steps and sequence of activities you won´t find in coursebooks. Then put it all into practice by charting your own professional development using the CPD Bucket List included.

Your virtual Director of Studies, giving you the support you deserve. 

What is included in this course?

All of this is included in your Powerful Planning: Advanced Course 

  • 45-minute Keynote Webinar with Richard on the secrets to achieving lasting success in TEFL
  • Over 2 hours of self-paced video training with Richard in 3 step-by-step lesson commentaries showing you the principles and secrets of top-level lesson planning.
  • 5 DELTA-level sample lesson plans (3 with full guided video commentary + 2 bonus plans). Can be taught across levels A2-C2 with only minor modification.
  • CPD Bucket List Template
  • CPD notes sheet

SNEAK PREVIEW 👀          5 More Lessons for Positive Change + Webinar + Lesson Commentary

5 Powerful DELTA-level sample plans each promoting a different aspect of personal growth (click to enlarge)

TEFL Courses
TEFL Courses
TEFL Courses
TEFL Courses
TEFL Courses

Sneak preview of Keynote Webinar

Sneak preview of lesson commentary

TEFL Inspired Online Teaching Toolkit

Observe real online teaching in action and expand your teaching skill set...

Why choose this course?

With these inspiring development courses you'll get the rare chance to learn from video footage from real classroom teaching in progress. Observe excerpts from real online classes given by DELTA-qualified teacher Richard Brown.

Work through the accompanying course slides at your own pace with colleagues or individually. Get reassurance about your own teaching, inspiring new ideas and techniques to develop and open up new options in you career and add even greater value to your classes.

I have split this course into 5 different modules that can be purchased separately or you can buy all 5 to get a great discount. 

What is included in this course?

All of this is included in each Inspired Mini Course 

  • Instant-access mini course containing real classroom footage and intuitive self-study learning slides.
  • Average video length - 30 minutes approx.
  • CPD notes sheet
  • Click on the images above to see content summary.


Choose your Inspired Module or get the Inspired 5 Course Pack

 Keynote Webinar Series

Solving your biggest English teaching challenges

Why choose this course?

Whether you are planning to start your own teaching business or looking to grow professionally and be the best teacher you can be - our transformational webinars will inspire you to overcome your BIGGEST challenges in TEFL and master your teaching.

The 3 Key Steps to Freelance Teaching Success

Essential webinar for anyone looking to start their own teaching business - acquire the mindset and strategies to help you take action and make it work!


15 Minutes. 1 Lesson Plan. Multiple Lessons. Any Level.

A transformational framework for planning your own highly-engaging task-based lessons and courses. Learn to maximise student engagement and language production in lessons you can teach across levels.  


The 3 Secrets to Achieving Success in TEFL

Inspirational webinar revealing the 3 secrets from over 15 years of post-DELTA teaching. Richard shares how ´teaching less´, shifting the focus from grammar to lexis and focusing on people first can transform your teaching.


What is included in this course?

  • Keynote Webinar (approx 45-minutes in length)
  • CPD Notes Sheet
  • Click on each image above for content summary

See what our customers say... 👀

I have just watched the 3 Key Steps to Freelance Teaching Success. It was amazing! I got so much out of it and I am so excited to start answering those questions you asked us. Thank you so much!


I've just completed this course online! This was a great course! Focusing on empowering students and giving them space and comfort to be free in using and playing with English. I am really looking forward to incorporating this into my lessons!


A much needed breath of fresh air in these times where workload feels like it has doubled, even tripled! Richard added in a good balance of teaching theory and logic, all with a consistent theme of human interaction in English, using real world topics and not ‘English for no apparent reason’ - which is very much how it can feel sometimes! 100% would recommend to new and experienced teachers.

LIZZIE HUG, EFL Teacher, Spain

A word from Lewis Richards, Director of Studies -

UK Joint #1 Language School

I totally endorse these courses

I have worked with hundreds of teachers and many trainers over the years, but Richard is one of the very best, and I totally endorse his courses, and encourage you to give them a go if you want to really get the very best out of your teaching.

If you’re looking to improve your teaching, teach with more confidence, and widen your repertoire and range of teaching techniques and ideas, his courses would be perfect for you.  What they will give you as well is a sense of fulfilment as a teacher, a feeling that you can develop ways in which your students will maximise their learning, all the time in a fun, challenging and interesting atmosphere.

I learned a huge amount about teaching from Richard, and his ideas and approach have had a big impact on my teaching over the years, and he can do the same for you.

Lewis Richards

Director of Studies // IH/LSI PORTSMOUTH

TEFL Training

Teach English

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to EFL Teaching, which course is best for me?

I highly recommend the Breakthrough Course. This will help you get real clarity about how to simply plan highly-engaging classes as well as develop key teaching skills that will bring your lessons to life. You´ll also get 5 DELTA-level sample plans which you can adapt across levels A2-C2. Click Here

I've been teaching a while but want to progress?

All of our courses contain practical insights from course creator Richard Brown, who has over 15 years of post-DELTA experience. So, wherever you start the collection you will find fresh inspiration. The Powerful Planning: Advanced course has more deep-dive content for more established teachers Click Here

I need help with lesson planning

I recommend the Breakthrough course as it will show you step by step how to plan great, materials- light lessons. You´ll also get over an hour of expert training from Richard to help you teach with confidence. Join our FB community for even more ideas and experiences. Click Here

What kind of methodology will I learn about?

 You will learn how to effectively integrate Task-Based Learning and The Lexical Approach into your teaching and make the transition from teacher-centred classes to simply faciltating effective learning. This way of teaching is fun, liberating and proven to get students results. Our courses are highly-practical and easy to follow. Start with the Breakthrough course! Also come and join our FB community. Click Here

Are the courses downloadable?

Yes, all the courses are downloadable and you can get instant access.  Simply choose the course that's right for you, follow the instructions and enjoy. Click Here to go to courses

My question isn't listed here

If you have any questions why not come and join my FB community where you can message me direct or ask our wonderful TEFL group members. Click Here


Course Writer

Teacher Trainer

About Richard Brown

My goal is to empower TEFL teachers like you with the tools and insights you need to create a teaching life you love.

Having been in your shoes, I understand the challenges you face with the knowledge gap between TEFL and DELTA training that leaves many TEFL teachers feeling overwhelmed or like they are simply going through the motions.

Spending hours on lesson planning, the struggle to keep students engaged, and the risk of burnout. That’s why I’ve designed everything you need to bridge that gap and help make your teaching life simpler, easier and more rewarding while teaching with confidence.

I’m a highly-experienced and passionate teacher who has taught and trained teachers at the highest level. This new and empowering way of teaching and training is 15 years of post-DELTA tips, ideas, insights and teaching through affordable ready-to-go video courses, resources and group coaching.

I can’t wait to help you create a teaching life you love!

 100% SATISFACTION Guarantee

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