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Is the lack of ongoing professional development and support holding you back from becoming the best TEFL teacher you can be?

Have you been left to your own devices to develop? No idea if you are doing well or not? The endless search for lessons, hours spent deliberating over plans for different levels and the constant battle to engage your students is not how you want to spend your limited time and energy. I know, I´ve been there.

Starting out in TEFL, you may be feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and doubting your ability as a teacher. I was. Or perhaps you feel you are just going through the motions after years of teaching and wondering to yourself, is this really it? 

You care deeply about your students and know you have so much more to offer. But you´re not getting any help or guidance.  Having been in your shoes, I understand the challenges you face with the knowledge gap between your initial TEFL and DELTA/Masters training. 

Overwhelmed or going through the motions, something has to change - you know you can’t sustain this for much longer. There has to be another way. There must be more to teaching than this.

Good news! You are right! There IS.

You see, I believe that the platform we have as TEFL teachers can be used to go way beyond ´just teaching English´. I believe that you can truly change lives by using your vocation to inspire others to discover theirs. 

Now I’m passing on 15 years of post-DELTA experience through highly-practical courses with truly inspiring lesson plans, to show you how fun, free and fulfilled you can be in teaching.

Welcome to your new way of teaching and being.

Richard Brown

"Thank you for finally giving us teachers what we need.

Laura Pearson, EFL Teacher, Italy

The courses have made me a much better teacher by giving me ideas and insights into things I would never have thought of myself. Having the chance to observe real-life classroom teaching has brought me great peace. It showed me that I am on the right track. The training courses are reassuring and original. 

Get the quality development you deserve and become the teacher you know you can be. 

What if I told you there was a way of teaching that could bring you peace of mind, by simplifying your approach and making your sessions more fun, engaging and effective?

Picture a teaching life that is simple, meaningful and fulfilling, and one that’s going to help you stand out in a fiercely competitive market of employers, teachers and students.

A teaching life in which you know that you are changing the lives of your students beyond the language.

My instant-access courses will give you newfound confidence, passion and purpose by enhancing and elevating your teaching skills with practical, DELTA-level insights and ideas - whether fresh off your TEFL training or stuck in a TEFL rut.

Plus you will be making an even bigger difference in the lives of your students - one that goes beyond language.

Be the best teacher you can be – for yourself, for your students and for humanity.

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"A much-needed breath of fresh air in these times where workload feels like it has doubled, even tripled!."

Lizzie Hug, EFL Teacher, Spain

Richard adds in a good balance of teaching theory and logic, all with a consistent theme of human interaction in English, using inspiring, real world topics that make a difference and not ‘English for no apparent reason’ - which is very much how it can feel sometimes! 100% would recommend to new and experienced teachers.

Our courses and community will empower you to...

  • Teach with total confidence
  • Simplify your planning & life
  • Charge more for your courses 
  • Create your own high-value courses
  • Gain DELTA-level teaching skills
  • Deliver lessons that truly matter 
  • Add a coaching role to your teaching
  • Enjoy newfound freedom in class

Jim Coyle

EFL Teacher

I thoroughly recommend working with Richard.

He showed me how to add simple stages into my lessons and how to present grammar in a far simpler way to make it clear to my students and to make the final outcome really successful, easy and fun. 

What Jiri has to say...........

"Richard has something up his sleeve for everyone" 

Jiri Horak, EFL Teacher, Czech Republic

I have worked with hundreds of teachers and many trainers over the years, but Richard is one of the very best.

Lewis Richards, Director of Studies, UK Joint #1 Language School

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About Richard Brown

My goal is to empower TEFL teachers like you with the tools and insights you need to create a teaching life you love.

Having been in your shoes, I understand the challenges you face with the knowledge gap between TEFL and DELTA training that leaves many TEFL teachers feeling overwhelmed or like they are simply going through the motions.

Spending hours on lesson planning, the struggle to keep students engaged, and the risk of burnout. That’s why I’ve designed everything you need to bridge that gap and help make your teaching life simpler, easier and more rewarding while teaching with confidence.

I’m a highly-experienced and passionate teacher who has taught and trained teachers at the highest level. This new and empowering way of teaching and training is 15 years of post-DELTA tips, ideas, insights and teaching through affordable ready-to-go video courses, resources and group coaching.

I can’t wait to help you create a teaching life you love!

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