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  • Certificate in Advanced TEFL teaching endorsed by the UK´s No.1 Language School.
  • Add DELTA-Level Skills to your teaching.
  • Incorporate coaching in class and make an even bigger difference (Plans included).
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The Advanced TEFL Development Program  

Outstanding teachers, making a better world.

Teaching English can be the most rewarding job in the world. However, too many TEFL teachers get little or no Continued Professional Development after their initial training and quickly become disillusioned and burnt-out.

 Being left to your own devices to develop is demoralising and can leave you feeling stuck and with no idea how to make progress and be the teacher you know you can be. Higher qualifications such as the DELTA are an option, but these are often financially beyond reach.  

This 40-hour self-paced Program will give you the development you deserve to help you teach with total confidence. It will help you transform your teaching, open up new possibilities and make TEFL a sustainable career for you for many happy years to come. 

You´ll be getting 15 years of post-DELTA expertise condensed into practical training blocks that you can start to apply in just weeks. The Program will not only transform your teaching, but also the lives of your students by inspiring positive change in their lives.

Discover a fun, free and fulfilling way of teaching - and all at a fraction of the usual cost. 

How does that sound? 

The Advanced TEFL Development Program is a self-study, 40-hour course that will help teachers:

TEFL Courses
  • Compete for the best jobs 
  • Reduce planning load & stress
  • Boost student engagement
  • Create high-value courses
  • Gain DELTA-level skills
  • End imposter syndrome
  • Teach communicatively
  • Inspire positive change

And certify their commitment & excellence

"The program has been life-changing for me."

"The program has made me a much better teacher by giving me ideas and insights into things I would never have thought of myself. Having the chance to observe real-life classroom teaching has brought me great peace. It showed me that I am on the right track. The training is reassuring and original and has made such a difference to me, not only as a teacher but also on a personal level. Thank you for finally giving us teachers what we need.'"

Laura Pearson, EFL Teacher, Italy

The Advanced TEFL program provides the highest quality teacher training, at a fraction of the cost.

Advanced TEFL Program

A comprehensive teacher training programme such as the prestigious Cambridge Diploma (DELTA) including tuition fees and expenses can cost easily up to 5000€. This is often beyond reach for many teachers and even if you do gain the qualification it can take years for you to figure out the practical implementation of the theory

The Advanced TEFL Development Program is packed with tried and tested teaching tips, ideas, techniques and lesson plans which will help you to fast-track your own professional development - at a fraction of the cost.

Plus you will be getting first-hand expert guidance from a teaching specialist with 15 years of post DELTA experience. But more than anything, you will experience a new type of teaching,  facilitating truly meaningful lessons that will enrich both your students' English and their lives beyond the classroom. And that is priceless.

Fast-track your development and enjoy a fulfilling teaching career.

Did you know there is a way of teaching that can bring you peace of mind, say goodbye to imposter syndrome, and make your sessions more fun and engaging?

Picture a teaching approach that is simple, meaningful and fulfilling, and one that’s going to get you noticed for all the right reasons by your employers and students.

The Advanced TEFL Development Program will get you there by enhancing and elevating your teaching skills to bridge that gap between your initial TEFL training and higher awards - which can cost anything up to 5,000€.

You´ll be getting 15 years of post-DELTA training that you can incorporate into your teaching in just weeks through affordable, highly-practical content filled with tips and insights you won’t find in teachers' books. 

Change your students' lives

The Program will also help you create truly meaningful learning experiences with DELTA-quality lesson plans which promote personal growth and self-discovery.

You will acquire the tools to take the stress out of planning and create your own lessons and courses about the subjects that matter most to you.

TEFL Courses

Inspire positive change

Universally relevant topics that truly make a difference

Reduce planning load

TASK-BASED Lessons can be taught across levels A2-C2

TEFL Courses

Gain DELTA-level insight

15 years of post-DELTA experience condensed into bite-sized chunks

The Advanced TEFL Development Program is a self-paced, 40-hour course for existing TEFL Teachers that will help schools:

Add a Quality Mark to your school

Demonstrate a commitment to excellence to prospective students & staff.

Attract and keep the best teachers

Reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs by creating a culture of progress.

Get the best student referrals and attract new business

Increase student satisfaction and get the best reviews to help your school grow.

Train your staff and add value

Upskill and empower your teaching team and offer greater value for your students.

Are you ready to take your academy, school or organisation to the next level?

Prove your Excellence

Provide yourself or your school with a Quality Mark and get the best jobs, student referrals and  ensure that you stand out as the world starts to open up again. The Advanced TEFL Development Program combines highest quality teacher training with inspiring lesson content to ensure excellence and a better future for everyone - and all at a fraction of the usual cost. Discover more.

TEFL Courses

Before you enrol/Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of methodology will I learn about?

 You will learn how to effectively integrate Task-Based Learning and The Lexical Approach into your teaching and make the transition from teacher-centred classes to a new role where you step back and faciltate effective learning. This way of teaching is more fun, free and fulfilling - and proven to get students results. The Program is highly-practical and easy to follow. Full details

I'm new to TEFL, is the Program suitable for me?

There is no substitute for experience. However, we highly recommend the Program for new teachers as it will give you great confidence and peace of mind in understanding how to simply plan highly-engaging classes as well as develop key teaching skills that will bring your lessons to life and create fun and memorable learning experiences for your students. Learn more

I've been teaching a while but want to learn more?

Wherever you are in your teaching journey you will find fresh inspiration in the Program.  The Program contains practical insights and key teaching methodology to help bridge the gap between your initial training and higher TEFL awards. You're getting 15 years of post-DELTA experience packed into bite-sized learning blocks you can implement in your own teaching today. 

How will I be assessed and obtain my certficate?

The Program is packed with a variety of content including video training, lesson plans and learning templates. You will be guided through a mixture of engaging quizzes, self-reflection tasks following your teaching practice and the completion of CPD notes sheets including a self-development Bucket List. You will receive your certificate on successful completion of all elements of the Program.

Are the course contents downloadable?

Yes, all lesson plans and templates in the Program are downloadable and you will get instant access on enrolment.  Simply choose the payment option that's right for you, follow the instructions and enjoy. Enrol now

How long will it take to complete the Program?

Like any course, a lot will depend upon how much time and effort you dedicate to  the  process. As a useful guide, you could complete the Program successfully and really see your transformation by dedicating a minimum of 40 hours to the process, including carrying out your own teaching practice.

How will the Program help me in my career?

The Program will not only help you develop and fine tune your skills, it will also prove to potential employers that you are committed to your profession and willing to invest in your future.

Successful completion of the Program will enhance your CV and this will widen your employment opportunities within the ELT industry.

My question isn't listed here

If you have any questions why not come and join our Facebook community where you can message course creator Richard Brown directly or ask our wonderful TEFL group members. Click Here

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"I have worked with hundreds of teachers and many trainers over the years, but Richard is one of the very best. I totally endorse The Advanced TEFL Development Program and encourage schools and teachers to sign up to really stand out and get the best results."

Lewis Richards,

Director of Studies, LSI Portsmouth, UK #1 Language School

Meet the Course Creator...

TEFL Courses

Richard Brown

"The development you deserve - to be the teacher the world needs now."

Hi, I´m Richard Brown, and I know first hand how overwhelming it can be when you are in at the deep end, not developing professionally or teaching English ´for no apparent reason´.

What if I told you there was a way of teaching English that could transform your teaching life by simplifying your approach and making your sessions more fun, engaging and effective?

Picture a teaching life that is simple, meaningful and fulfilling, and one that’s going to help you stand out in a fiercely competitive market of employers, teachers and students.

The Advanced TEFL Development Program will give you newfound confidence, passion and purpose by enhancing and elevating your teaching skills with practical, DELTA-level insights and ideas - whether fresh off your initial TEFL training or stuck in a TEFL rut.

Plus you will be making an even bigger difference in the lives of your students - one that goes beyond language.

Be the best teacher you can be – for yourself, for your students and for humanity.

Richard Brown, Teacher Trainer & Course Creator

What teachers say about training with Richard.....

I was quite confident in my teaching but I always got excited because Richard always showed me something new to help me improve.


Thank you for showing me how to make my lessons more fun and engaging for my students, and for myself!


Richard showed me loads about presenting grammar in a far simpler way to what I was doing to ensure activities in class were really fun and successful.


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