About the Course Creator,
Richard Brown

Richard is a highly-experienced and passionate teacher who has taught and trained teachers at the highest level for over 15 years. The creation of the transformational Advanced TEFL Development Program resulted from Richard´s desire to bridge the gap between initial and further training in TEFL, which for many teachers is either too expensive or simply unavailable. This coupled with the belief that English teachers have the platform to not only empower their students to proficiency in English but also to make positive changes in their lives beyond the classroom.

´´The Advanced TEFL Development Program will give you everything you need to teach English effectively and with confidence whether you are new to teaching or have years in the classroom.   I look forward to helping you to experience an enlightening way of teaching and to making a lasting difference in the lives of your students..´´


Quality teacher training - at a fraction of the cost.

A comprehensive teacher training programme such as the prestigious Cambridge Diploma (DELTA) including tuition fees and expenses can cost easily up to €5000. This is often beyond reach for many teachers and even if you do gain the qualification it can take years for you to figure out the practical implementation of the theory. The Advanced TEFL Development Program is packed with tried and tested teaching tips, ideas, techniques and lesson plans which will help you to fast-track your own professional development - at a fraction of the cost. Plus you will be getting first-hand expert guidance from a graduate with over 10 years of post DELTA experience. But more than anything, you will experience a new type of teaching, facilitating truly meaningful lessons that will enrich both your students´ English and their lives beyond the classroom. And that is priceless.

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My teaching journey in pictures

Senior Teacher, Teacher Trainer,     LSI Portsmouth, 2006-2010

Cambridge DELTA graduate, International House, London 2008

Materials writer,     Co-author of IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills, 2011 

Teacher Trainer,     British Council, IATEFL,                 UK, Spain, online   2012-present

Director of Studies, Exsportise Summer Schools, 2012-present

Director, English Immersion Courses,        2017-present

What COLLEAGUES say about Richard Brown

an integral part of our team

Under Richard´s guidance, our teachers´ lessons are interactive, engaging, fun and reactive to the needs of our students. An integral part of our team for many years.

Bram van Asselt

CEO & Founder

Exsportise Summer Schools

EL Gazette Centre of Excellence

one of the very best

I have worked with hundreds of teachers and many trainers over the years, but Richard is one of the very best

TEFL Training

Lewis Richards

Director of Studies

LSI Portsmouth/IH Portsmouth

Joint No. 1 UK Language School

a very human approach

Richard’s approach to his work is a very human one, with a warmth and friendliness particular to him, and this is something his students and colleagues appreciate and enjoy.

Stephanie Furness-Barr


DELTA, MA Applied Linguistics and TEFL

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